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Sha-Ann Arndt

Educational Specialist

Sha-Ann started her career as a mechanical engineer for GM and ended her engineering career by becoming an electrical engineer for Siemens. These real-world math and science experiences lead her to get her master’s degree in education and become an educator.

As an educator, she started her career as a high school advanced placement science and mathematics teacher. Her strength is being able to bring math and science to life and understand how and what it is used for in the course of daily life and in the students’ career path.

Eventually, she ran a science magnet school dedicated to teaching students’ hands-on science and math in correlation with local businesses and the makings of local economic needs. Wanting to become the best educator possible, she then moved to the elementary level and became an inclusion teacher where she taught all subject matter in grades where testing was critical for all students no matter his or her educational challenges.

She developed curriculum that was fun and included all types of learning styles and IQ levels. Her ability to break down even the most complicated subjects and have students learn in relation to his or her interest gave these students success where they had not been able to have it before in the classroom and beyond.

Her skills were recognized with many awards but after retiring she was invited to the college level to teach her skills to future educators

BMechEng, BElecEng, MEd, PHD


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Sherree Herdman

Educational Specialist

Sherree has more than 30 years of classroom teaching experience in 4 countries, principal for 12 years, in 3 countries, 4 years of mission service, and Curriculum Advisor providing seminars, workshops and evaluations to teachers in 2 countries.


Sherree is the owner of A+ Global Education Company that provides homestay and care for International students entering USA for full time High School study programs.

She is also the owner of Edumentor International Inc. an educational consulting company offering support to International School partnerships and programs.


Sherree has spent the majority of her career dealing with students and teachers in schools where multiple languages were spoken. She deeply understands the needs of the ESL student, and how the student feels when they are facing a new cultural setting.


She has trained as a remedial reading specialist and worked for several years in a school in that capacity. She is just as adept at understanding teachers and the curriculum which is presented to students.


Experience in New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia and the United States, as well as smaller countries such as Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, has provided her with the expertise needed to provide skilled tutoring to children with many different needs.

BEd, MEd



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